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About Social Work Jobs in Pembrokeshire

Social Worker with Child getting out of a car

Children's services and adult social care in Pembrokeshire delivers a diverse range of support services to children and vulnerable adults. 

We are looking for qualified social workers, across many disciplines and at all stages of their careers, who want to make a real difference at this challenging stage in the development of social care in Pembrokeshire, and to the lives of the children and vulnerable adults who need support.

We are looking for people who are prepared to take on real responsibility, and, in exchange, will have the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of living in Pembrokeshire and working for a forward thinking social care team. 

Pembrokeshire County Council is committed to ensuring that those who need or choose to receive their care in Welsh are able to do so. This enables service users to communicate their needs effectively and receive the best possible care. It also helps us improve the outcomes for users whose first language is Welsh. At the last Census (2011), 19.2% of the population in Pembrokeshire spoke Welsh.

The Council is focused on delivering the 'Active Offer' principle, which means we are proactive in offering to provide services through the medium of Welsh, rather than relying on customers to ask.

We aim to increase the number of Social Workers who are confident to speak Welsh at work which will help us deliver services to Welsh speakers. We are currently working towards the key objectives outlined in the Welsh Government's Strategic Framework for Welsh Language Services in Health, Social Services and Social Care, "More than Just Words":

In particular, we are developing provision to:

If you join us as a social worker and could improve your Welsh language skills (whatever your starting point is) we can help you by providing good quality support and accessible training.

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